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Log In Without A Username Or Password In Win 8

To speed up the log-in process, you may want to disable the username and password log-in screen. You can do so by opening the Run window (press the Windows key + R) and typing in "netplwiz" to access the User Accounts dialog box. Uncheck the box near the top that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer." Click OK, and enter the username and password one last time to confirm your choice, and you are all set for easy access to your system.

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Askew or Tilt
Ever had the chance of searching Google for Askew or Tilt? If you have, then you already know what comes up. If you haven't, do it now and you will see the search results page literally tilt to give you a better idea of what these words mean. This will work only if you use latest browsers which support HTML5 and CSS3. So, Internet Explorer users, use Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari for a while to use this.


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Search Your PC For A Given Filename In Seconds  -  rob.schifreen


If you often find yourself wondering where a particular file has disappeared to on your PC, but you know at least some of the file's name, then a free utility called Ultra Search
is what you need.  Because it only finds filenames, and doesn't actually search the contents of files, it's very quick to use and it doesn't need to waste time or disk space in maintaining an index file.  Just fire up the program, type some of the filename in the search box, and you'll have your results in a couple of seconds.  Even if there are tens of thousands of files on your PC.


You can download the program from and the file is around 5 MB.  According to VirusTotal and Web of Trust it's free of malware,
 and the utility is available in both 32- and 64-bit flavours.


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Here's an easy way to get a list of all the Microsoft programs that are installed on your computer



Click Start | Help and Support.


In the left column of the Help and Support window, under Pick a Help Topic, click Windows basics.


In the left pane, click to expand Core Windows tasks.


Click Searching for information.


In the right pane, under Pick a task, click Get information about your computer.


In the right pane, under What do you want to do?, click View a list of Microsoft software installed on this computer.


The list can be copied and pasted into another document.  It also contains the Product ID numbers that you might find useful if you lose them and have to reinstall a program. 


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Windows 8 tip : Even Better Multi-monitor Support  -  WinNews

One of my favorite improvements in the Windows 8 Release is the continued effort to make the multi-monitor experience better. Long-time readers know that I'm a big fan of multiple monitors and work with four large screens attached to my main computer. Unlike with the Consumer Preview, you can now launch and move Metro apps to any of your monitors.


Now we have "hot corners" on all monitors, not just the one monitor where the "primary taskbar" resides. That means you can invoke the Start screen on any monitor by moving the mouse to the bottom-left corner. Moving the mouse to the top-left corner lets you switch back to an app on any monitor and clicking the thumbnail for the app you want to open on that monitor.


There are also new keyboard shortcuts that will move  apps across monitors (Win + Pg Up or Win + Pg Dn). And finally, you can drag and drop  apps from one monitor to another


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Convert RGB to CMYK

Ever wonder why your inkjet photo printouts don't match the colors you see onscreen? It's because your computer and printers are probably using different color descriptions. For better results, try converting your photo from RGB to CMYK, a color description your inkjet printer will recognize. Most photo-editing software will let you do the conversion

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Dealing With Error Messages  -  blifaloo

If you receive an error message you don't understand:

Type the error message into Google Search. You'll find other's who have had the same issue, and hopefully someone who has found the solution, as well. Don't just read one discussion or solution -- take the time to read a few different websites opinions before jumping to a conclusion.

This is an important lesson -- you can type any question into Google in plain English. It's so easy, but I am always amazed at how many people have problems "searching". Just search for what other people would search for... you are bound to stumble upon at least one person who has had the same problem as you and asked it to one of the many online discussion forums or Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers.



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Blank Start Page

By default, Microsoft Internet Explorer starts up by loading your selected start page. Most of us choose a popular start page that is busy and contains a bunch of graphics. Such pages often take a significant time to load.

If you'd like to start Microsoft Internet Explorer with no page at all. Right-click the shortcut you use to open IE and choose Properties. Click in the Target entry box and then use the arrow keys to move to the end of the existing line. To the end of the line add -nohome. Your new Target box should resemble the following:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -nohome

Click OK to close the dialog box.

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Virus Hoaxes

Sometimes that latest computer virus you hear about via email or listserver isn't really a virus at all. Some people don't write viruses -- they just start rumours about viruses. To find out what's what, take a trip to F-Secure Corporation's site and read the latest list of hoaxes. You can also visit VMyths which has an extensive site of virus and other Internet hoaxes

You'll find F-Secure Corporation here!  -

Anything not worth doing is worth not doing well. Think about it.

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Identity Theft
Read this article re Identify Theft   -   Click Here

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