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General Links

 Travel Tips

 Weather Forecasts

 Google Earth

 Canadian Travel Planner

 Kids Movie Ratings

 Home & Garden TV

 A Great Search Engine

 Yahoo Maps


 Google Maps


Educational Links


       Internet History Sourcebooks        Beginner's Guide to Topographic Maps
       Best history Sites        Cartography and Maps for Beginners

 Timelines Of History

 Maps and Map Skills

 Education Place

 A Guide To Maps

 Homework Helper

 A Guide To The Canadian Provinces


  How Stuff Works

       NOVA  -  Science Teaching

 I Know That


 National Geographic - Creature Comforts

 Genealogy Plus Other Stuff

       Science Master

 NASA For Kids


 NASA Site

       Pharmacology Index


       Britannica Encyclopaedia        Sesame Street

 Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

       Common Core Lesson Plans
       Calendars Through The Ages        Visual Periodic Table

Fun Stuff

 Cliche Archive



 Recursive Simon

.Computer Related Links

 The Museum Of Hoaxes

 Windows 10 Tips & Tricks


 PC Help Stop


 Hardware Hell



Fun Stuff